Announcing Gestaltor 2.0

Moritz Becher

Moritz Becher


A New Era for glTF Editing

Gestaltor 2.0

We are thrilled to announce the release of Gestaltor 2.0, the latest and most advanced version of our visual glTF editor. This major update brings a host of new features, improvements, and optimizations designed to enhance your workflow and streamline your 3D asset management. Let’s dive into some of the exciting changes and what they mean for you.

What’s New in Gestaltor 2.0?

1. Revamped Shop and License Management One of the significant upgrades in Gestaltor 2.0 is the complete overhaul of our online shop and license management system. The previous system, based on WooCommerce for WordPress, often led to a suboptimal user experience, particularly in managing licenses and subscriptions. We have now integrated Paddle and Keygen, offering a smoother and more flexible purchasing and licensing process. This change ensures that you can manage your licenses more efficiently, though existing licenses will need assistance for transfer to the new system.

2. Modernized Front End Our transition from Qt Widgets to Qt Quick represents a leap forward in user interface design. This shift allows us to retain our robust C++ codebase while incorporating dynamic QML components. The result is a more modern, responsive, and feature-rich UI that can quickly adapt to new glTF extensions and customizations, providing a better overall user experience.

3. Enhanced Back End Capabilities Gestaltor’s core functionality—modifying glTF files without breaking specifications—remains a cornerstone of the tool. With version 2.0, we have modularized these capabilities, allowing the core operations and data models to be used independently of the GUI via C++ and Python APIs. This change opens up new possibilities for automation and integration into other applications, making it easier to incorporate Gestaltor’s powerful tools into your existing workflows.

4. Community and Support We are committed to continuous improvement and community engagement. With the launch of Gestaltor 2.0, we are also introducing new support channels, including a dedicated Discord community. This platform will facilitate direct interaction with our team and fellow users, ensuring you get the most out of Gestaltor and can provide valuable feedback.

Why Gestaltor?

Gestaltor is designed for professionals working with the glTF (GL Transmission Format), a royalty-free specification used for transmitting 3D models. It simplifies the creation, validation, and optimization of glTF assets, ensuring they meet industry standards. Whether you are involved in game development, virtual reality, or any other 3D-related field, Gestaltor provides the tools you need to manage and manipulate your 3D models effectively.

We invite you to explore Gestaltor 2.0 and experience the enhancements for yourself. For detailed information, visit our official blog and join our community on Discord. We look forward to your feedback and are excited to see what you create with Gestaltor 2.0.

Stay tuned for more updates and features as we continue to evolve and improve the best tool for working with glTF files.

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