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Arnold Pötsch

Arnold Pötsch


OTOY and UX3D are excited to announce a new partnership that integrates the UX3D glTF Scene Toolkit into the OTOY marketplace, bringing full native glTF support to the OTOY ecosystem. This collaboration aims to explore integration opportunities as a module through multi-engine and other future-forward initiatives in the Octane and Render roadmaps, including a comprehensive glTF distiller from ORBX and ITMF. This integration will make the UX3D glTF Scene Toolkit accessible across over 20 DCC integrations, including Cinema4D, Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine, Unity3D, and more, and available to users on the Render Network, the industry’s first decentralized GPU compute network and 3D marketplace.

The future integration of the UX3D glTF Scene Toolkit into OctaneRender will revolutionize artist workflows by providing robust support between their DCC creation tool of choice and publishing endpoints for 3D real-time. Artists will be able to view, inspect, edit, optimize, compose single assets, and even stage whole scenes within the glTF context. Importantly, every official Khronos extension is supported, and the toolkit is 3D Commerce Viewer certified.

In addition to integrating the UX3D glTF Scene Toolkit, OTOY is actively participating in the Khronos 3D Formats working group to extend the glTF specification. This collaborative effort involves key industry players such as Cesium, NVIDIA, Meta, Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Autodesk, and others, aiming to establish glTF as a standard 3D transmission format for the Metaverse.

Norbert Nopper, Founder and Managing Director at UX3D, expressed, “We are thrilled to collaborate with OTOY and honored that our glTF-based product is integrated into the OTOY ecosystem. This partnership contributes significantly to the larger vision of the open metaverse.”

Jules Urbach, Founder and CEO of OTOY, stated, “For over a decade, we have been developing tools to make next-generation 3D content creation a reality. The integration of the UX3D glTF Scene Toolkit into the OTOY ecosystem marks a significant milestone in developing the open metaverse. Now, artists can seamlessly create, stream, and monetize 3D content across the 20+ DCC tools supported by Octane, leveraging the Render Network for immersive media and cryptoart development.”

About UX3D GmbH

UX3D GmbH, based in Germany, provides interactive 3D real-time graphics software solutions. Since 2017, UX3D has successfully developed projects for customers in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the USA. As co-specifiers of glTF, the “JPEG for 3D,” UX3D has released the first native visual glTF editor, now used in 75% of all countries. For more information, visit

About OTOY Inc.

OTOY Inc. is a leading cloud graphics company, pioneering technology that redefines content creation and delivery for media and entertainment organizations worldwide. OTOY’s Academy Award®-winning technology is used by top visual effects studios, artists, animators, designers, architects, and engineers, offering unprecedented creative freedom, realism, and economic efficiency in content creation and distribution powered by the cloud. For more information, visit

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