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Our expertise in computer graphics and handling GPU intensive applications extends to providing cutting-edge AI solutions. Whether it’s deploying AI models on custom cloud setups or embedded systems, we ensure seamless integration and high performance.

Case Study: 2D Video to 3D


Our customer, 3D Global, builds 3D Displays for use in embedded systems like cars and medical devices. When 3D Displays are used to display a video stream, they usually require data captured with a depth-enabled camera, like stereo or RGBD cameras. However, some of their customers only have access to a single RGB camera that cannot be replaced with a depth-enabled device. They needed a solution to convert the RGB video stream into a depth video stream in real-time and through a cloud-based post-processing pipeline.


We evaluated a range of RGB & Stereo to depth conversion methods and found a deep learning-based approach to be the most promising. We built a framework around this model to:

  1. Capture video data.
  2. Input it into the model.
  3. Process the output data for display on 3D Global’s 3D Displays.

We also developed a website for them to upload videos for cloud-based post-processing when output video quality is more important than real-time processing.

2D to 3D Conversion Website

AI Modeling Services

As demonstrated in the 3D Global case, AI models can be powerful tools to solve complex problems in 3D applications. Integrating the right AI model requires additional steps in pre- and post-processing as well as scalable deployment.

Our Services

We offer established processes and expertise to integrate AI into any of your applications, whether in 3D content or other domains. Our services include:

Deployment of AI Models in a Custom CloudDeploy AI models on your servers or cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, with a user-friendly UI for easy access.
Deployment of AI Models in an Embedded SystemEmbed AI models into your devices for independence from cloud computing, ideal for real-time applications or where data confidentiality is crucial.
AI ConsultingAssistance in selecting the right AI model and solution for your application.
Custom AI Model DevelopmentDevelopment and training of custom AI models tailored to your specific problems and data.
Pre and PostprocessingHelp with preprocessing data to fit the model and postprocessing output to fit your application needs.

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