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Leverage our extensive background in computer graphics for video games and visual effects to access the tools and processes that power the most advanced 3D applications. Our expertise in GPU programming and rendering pipelines enables us to build custom 3D viewers and tools tailored to your specific use case.

Case Study: Khronos glTF-Sample-Viewer


The Khronos Group developed the glTF format as a standard for 3D content delivery. To showcase the capabilities of the format and provide a reference implementation, they required a viewer capable of loading and displaying glTF models with features like PBR materials, animations, and custom shaders.


Since 2019, Khronos has trusted us to develop and maintain the glTF-Sample-Viewer. We have integrated new glTF material extensions, improved the viewer’s architecture and performance, and updated the code to reflect the latest developments in the file format.

Check out the project on GitHub:

This included adding support for the latest glTF extensions:

KHR_materials_clearcoatAdds support for clearcoat materials, which simulate a clear layer on top of the base material.
KHR_materials_sheenIntroduces sheen materials, which simulate the soft velvet-like reflection of fabrics.
KHR_materials_transmissionEnables the creation of transparent materials that refract light as it passes through them.
KHR_draco_mesh_compressionProvides support for Draco mesh compression, reducing the size of 3D models for faster loading.

In addition to developing the viewer, we have actively contributed to standardizing and shaping the future of the glTF file format.

Graphics Engineering Services

Our graphics engineering expertise spans a wide range of services to help you build and deploy 3D applications with state-of-the-art graphics features.

Our Services

We offer a variety of graphics engineering solutions, including:

Custom 3D Viewer DevelopmentBuild a custom 3D viewer for your specific use case, featuring PBR materials, animations, and custom shaders.
Rendering Pipeline DevelopmentDevelop a custom rendering pipeline for your 3D application, optimized for performance and visual quality.
GPU ProgrammingOptimize your rendering pipeline for GPU performance, leveraging expertise in OpenGL, Vulkan, and DirectX.
3D Content OptimizationEnhance your 3D content for performance and visual quality with mesh simplification and texture compression.
glTF ExtensionsDevelop custom glTF extensions to add new features and capabilities to the file format.
3D File Format DevelopmentCreate a custom 3D file format tailored to your application’s needs.
Benchmarking and Performance AnalysisConduct performance analysis of your 3D application and rendering pipeline, providing optimization recommendations.
Concept Design and PrototypingDevelop concepts and prototypes for your 3D application, emphasizing usability and visual appeal.
Project Management for 3D Content DevelopmentOversee the development of 3D content for your application, utilizing our network of experts in 3D modeling, texturing, and animation.
Custom ToolingCreate custom tools for your 3D pipeline, including features like batch processing, automation, and integration with third-party software like Blender, 3DS Max, or Maya.
CAD to Web 3D ConversionConvert CAD models to web-ready 3D content, optimized for performance and visual quality.

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