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Delivering a seamless 3D experience often hinges on the invisible technology behind the scenes. Providing the right 3D model at the optimal quality and timing requires a robust infrastructure. We offer existing products and custom solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Case Study: Palpa


In our work with ecommerce companies, we’ve learned that 3D visualizations can significantly boost conversion rates. However, many retailers struggle with setting up an efficient content creation pipeline and delivery system.

Palpa Solution

We developed Palpa, a cloud-based 3D pipeline-as-a-service solution designed to help small ecommerce companies create and deliver 3D content effortlessly. Palpa features:

  • 3D Content Creation: A web-based tool to generate 3D models from 2D images.
  • 3D Model Delivery: A CDN optimized for fast and high-quality 3D content delivery.
  • 3D Web Experiences: An easily integrable web-based 3D viewer for online shops.

Infrastructure Services

We support every step of bringing 3D content to your customers, from creation to display in their browser or app.

Our Services

We offer a variety of infrastructure solutions, including:

PipelineEstablish processes to create 3D files uniquely tailored to your product.
Content Delivery NetworkA CDN optimized for 3D content delivery, ensuring fast load times and high-quality visuals.
Level of DetailOptimize your 3D content for performance and visual quality with mesh simplification and texture compression.
3D ViewerA web-based 3D viewer that integrates into your online shop with the click of a button.
Custom MaterialsBring your product’s special materials to life in 3D.
Custom SaaS SolutionsSet up a system for your marketing department to simplify 3D content management and focus on your product.
Content OptimizationOptimize your 3D content for performance and visual quality with mesh simplification and texture compression.
ConfiguratorsCreate a 3D configurator for your product, allowing customers to customize and view it in real-time.
AI EnhancementEnhance your 3D content with AI-generated textures, animations, or even complete models.
AnimationsDevelop animations for your 3D content, making it more engaging and dynamic.
Interactive ManualsCreate interactive 3D manuals to help customers understand and use your products effectively.

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