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Graphics Language Transmission Format, in short glTF, is a standard file format for storing 3D models and 3D scenes. glTF reduces the size of 3D assets, which is optimal for data transmission. Furthermore, the  format is optimal prepared for the usage on the end user device.

Since 2017 UX3D co-specifies the glTF 2.0 together with relevant members of the Khronos group.

The outcome is main standards and several extensions that help to present products in high quality and real time.

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Our membership

Since our founding, we have a long-term membership with the Khronos Group – an open industry consortium for leading companies to accelerate royalty-free standards for 3D graphics, Augmented and Virtual Reality, vision processing and machine learning.

We support the glTF standard and evangelize our clients´ needs in several segments of the group. For client projects we try to use new and established standards like ANARI, Vulkan and OpenXR. We are also proud to be part of the ecosystem of 3DCommerce – the alignment of the industry for a common 3D content creation and distribution.

Our product

Gestaltor is the first visual glTF editor which allows you to natively and directly work on glTF files.

Gestaltor provides you with a powerful interface to massively speed up your workflows. Unleash the true power of glTF in its native environment, true to all Khronos glTF standards (glTF 2.0 and later).

Directly view, inspect, edit, optimize and compose your glTFs exported from any content creation tool and gear them up for deployment in any engine or viewer.

Our Services

We focus on real-time computer graphics, artificial intelligence and parallel computing in general. We are developing solutions and services that are primarily using the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). GPUs heavily outperform CPUs in data driven applications and are therefore continuously gaining in importance.

Our daily business is implementing and improving GPU based applications, by applying our high expertise in GPU programming and its parallel algorithms. This empowers us to provide highly optimised software for diverse markets like Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Healthcare, Finance and Public sectors. Education, E-commerce and Entertainment (Film and Games).

Please contact us for further sales and business inquiries,

GPU based software solutions

We are enabling state of the art GPU software solutions that run smoothly on all major GPUs from AMD, Apple, ARM, Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, NVIDIA and VeriSilicon. Depending on the use case, we either optimize for compatibility or utilize hardware specific features of one GPU architecture. Our solutions are designed for embedded, mobile, console, desktop and server systems.

Production-ready software
Our agile team is engaged to develop fitting solutions for your business - either from scratch or based on an existing project.
You want to evaluate a new technology, product or business idea? We help you to create an early sample to simulate, test and improve your future product in a lean way.
Proof of concept
A good way to find out if a theoretical approach is practical is the Proof of Concept. We help to find the right setup for testing, analysing and improving in a real market environment.
Find the benchmark of your existing solution before your clients do. We provide you with professional insights as well as analytics and show you where optimizations can still be applied.


With UX3D you are connected to a professional team with the expertise you need for your business- Whether it’s an individual solution you are searching for or simply a trustful wingman for your whole project team.

Building best-in-class 3D Commerce funnels
As a member of Khronos´ 3D Commerce group we know the challenges of an E-Commerce production pipeline and the potential of 3D Commerce. If you are planning to follow the path of 3D Commerce, we would be happy to help.
Preparation for the next level in graphics - glTF
glTF is the next main 3D graphic format and is the ``JPEG of 3D``. We work closely with 3D Commerce and the automotive, medical and entertainment industries and realised the need for a high performant and API-neutral runtime asset delivery format like the one that glTF enables. If you want to find out which impact or opportunity this revolution could have for your business, please contact us.
One standard fits all realities
One production line for all existing engines and devices for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality was the idea. OpenXR is the solution. We can help you to follow the path of compatibility everywhere!


As a diverse home across engineering and GPU technology, we share knowledge that helps you to solve the challenges that matter. We would like to share this knowledge base with your team and picked out three main training programs.

glTF for Executives
Once you dive deeper in the world of glTF, you will be able to save time and resources and explore new stunning business opportunities. We offer a training package with best practices and guidelines, on how to integrate glTF into your workflow.
Computer graphics for coders
These days the way to handle 3D graphics is not only a designer´s domain anymore. It is more and more important to coders and engineers to get prepared for computer graphics. We offer theoretical and practical training for every skill level- starting from beginners up to high experienced professionals. The sessions include all the techniques of computer graphics and give you a good understanding in texturing, ray tracing, rasterizing, sampling, lighting of materials, shading, visual inspecting and more.
Real time rendering for coders
During the development of industry standards with the Khronos Group we found out that it could help to offer sessions and trainings for coders, on how to use the latest APIs. We offer trainings for OpenGLⓇ, a 2D and 3D graphics API that brings compatibility to every operating systems and hardware. We give a deep dive into VulkanⓇ, the new generation graphics and compute API for almost all devices from PC and consoles to mobile phones and embedded platforms. Additionally we show you how WebGL revolutionized the plug in free visualization of 3D models in major web browsers.

Who We Are

We are a highly motivated team of experts working on state of the art software solutions and products that utilize the power of Graphics Processing Units (GPU).

Our core field is the visualization of 3D graphic elements in any context on a high professional level. We call us experts in the area of glTF, the main 3D graphic format of today.

Your UX3D team

Why Choose Us?

Social responsibility is an essential component of our company’s philosophy. This is reflected in a trustful behaviour towards subcontractors, customers and anyone affected by our operations.
UX3D believes in diversity and equality. We stand against discrimination in regards to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, color of skin, religion, national origin, disability or age.
We try to do our best in minimizing our ecological footprint, for example by using public transportation whenever possible. This means, we prefer the local subway system to the car, trains to planes and encourage any kind of environmentally friendly behavior.

Innovation & Success
Our success and innovation is based on focus, passion and team work.
Life & Free time
We love what we do and value the time everyone has to enjoy life and to spend it with friends and family.
Work & Customer
Our customers can rely on our commitment, integrity and quality.
Diversity & Equality
We believe in equal opportunities for all team members.

We believe in cross platform software and fair business everywhere

UX3D Compatibility everywhere

Our team

UX3D is a Munich based company that was founded in 2017 and grew to a notable size of 12 team members since. We mainly consist of software developers, artists and UX designers. Our team members have previously worked in academia, the automotive, medical, finance, games, entertainment, internet and semiconductor industries. We work together in an environment that encourages engagement, open communication, passion and personal development.

Arnold Poetsch

David Labode

Fabienne Rainer

Gurinder Singh Daulth

Jim Eckerlein

Mathias Kanzler

Moritz Becher

Norbert Nopper

Patrick Haertl

Phillip Hohenester



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logo of glTF the jpg for 3D
Editing glTF: Possibilities, Challenges, and Insights from UX3D

4 August 2020

In this guest blog, Norbert Nopper, Managing Director at UX3D, discusses editing glTF models and introduces a new visual glTF editor, Gestaltor.

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